About Us

Capital Ladders Advisory Group was founded for the interest of better servicing individuals with a need for financial, economic, market knowledge and information.  The founders of Capital Ladders, Seth Golden and Edward Cordoba have over 15 years of experience within the financial markets and business industry.  At Capital Ladders we pride ourselves on researching, compiling and analyzing financial and economic data in a way that is most suitable for the average investor or novice investor. With our guidance and a foundation of strong research and analysis, we feel that we can inform investors on how to better position themselves for profitable investing. 

Our goal is to inform readers on ways they can navigate, understand, and digest all financial market related information they see on the news and on the World Wide Web.  At Capital Ladders we believe that with properly delivered information most individuals can easily manage their finances and become a more savvy investor. Having comprehensive yet understandable information is a key obstacle that most investors struggle with; our subscribers will receive the latest breaking news and financial information delivered by our top analysts in a clear comprehensible manner. 

Co-founder and Chief Market Strategist Seth Golden, has been a highly successful swing trader and short term trader since 2001.  As a graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Education, Seth has made it his life's mission to educate others on the importance of gaining financial independence.  Seth's foundation of economics and market analysis started when he experienced his grandmother's life savings spiral downward during the dot com crash of 1999 and 2000.  Seth's direct experience has proven the theory that with a little studying and dedication to your personal finances, you can achieve financial independence.  Reading all he could find about the economy as a whole, and through carefully studying the markets, Seth started his trading history and investment strategies in 2001 as a source of supplementary income.  In just under 5 years, Seth became financially independent, relying on his fundamental knowledge of the global economy and his knowledge of the various global markets. 

In 2010, Seth partnered with long time friend and colleague, Edward Cordoba of EC Capital Inc. to form the Capital Ladders Advisory Group whose mission it is to offer fundamental market research, knowledge, and trading strategies in order for subscribers to become more savvy investors, and ultimately financially independent.  Seth Golden and Edward Cordoba are just like you, hard working citizens who needed to find a way to gain the knowledge that was necessary for finding financial freedom.  May all your investments prove profitable as we climb the Capital Ladder. 

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