Latest Channel Checks for GMCR

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 11:25am -- Research Team

Below you will find the latest channel checks for the quarter on GMCR for the Vue, Donut Shop K-Cup, and Kuerig B40 Elite Brewing System. 

Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System

Keurig Vue

Donut Shop K-Cup

First major column titled ON HAND, is a number of the total units the company has currently in inventory at the store and warehouse level. ON ORDER refers to how many the company has on order. BLD TO is the total number of ON HANDS + ON ORDER. Last 4 weeks refers to how many units sold in the previous 4 week period. TL08 refers to how many units sold this last 8 week period. LNO8 refers to how many units were sold last year in the next 8 week period. L52W is a rolling tally of how many units in the system over the last 52 weeks. So here is what you need to know and how to decipher strength or weakness.

What you typically want to see is if you double the 4 week number it should at least equal the TL08 number, however this is not typically the case coming out of December due to the outsized sales during the month. In this case, one would want to double the L4 number to see an equivalent or greater L4 number vs. LN08 number, this would infer that sales are accelerating. Secondly, if sales are accelerating, the TL08 number should be greater than the LN08 number. The LN08 number is important to the retailer so they can see how many they sold in the next 8 weeks, a year ago, to track what they sold last year and so they know at least how much to order this year. In this particular channel check, one can see how many B40 brewer, Vue brewer and Donut House K-cups were sold at the participating retailer during the late November through January period. We hope the information provided within proves informative and educational.


*Vue sales will not offer trend analysis until March when sales commenced.  

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